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Hi everyone! My name is Steffani and I am Nakee’s newest tribe member! I am a current public relations student at Wayne State, but more importantly I am an avid lover of all things Detroit; I have a passion for being a part of the big change this city is going through. I am proud to represent this city and its people, and I want to help others who feel the same way. For these reasons, I decided to reach out to Evan. I came to him looking for ways to help spread the Nakee message. Since then, I have recently accepted the role of Nakee & Co.’s public relations savant. So, I will be frequently updating all of Nakee’s social media handles, as well as the very blog you’re feasting on currently. I look forward to keeping you all posted with the latest Nakee news!
1. Nakee & Co. has been up to some pretty cool stuff lately. Evan and Kate have been working like crazy to meet the D’s growing demand for Nakee Butter. On April 3rd, Nakee was featured at Eastern Market for the All Things Detroit show. Ev sold out of Nakee Butter in just 3 hours! He said, “People were reppin’ Detroit hard, ready to open their pocketbooks and support the city.  A big thank you to all those supporting Detroit business!”
2. Then on April 17th, together with Be Bold Crew, Detroit Institute of Bagels, Sister Pie, and Drought, Nakee Butter was featured at the Lululemon store in Somerset Mall for a community workout. Evan gave out tons Nakee Butter samples for the athletes to try. A few days later on April 24th, Nakee was also featured at Michigan’s VegFest at the Surburban Showplace In Novi Mi. 
3. Most recently, Nakee Butter had its first television debut thanks to Jody Trierweiler at Channel 4. Jody featured Nakee Butter on her 'Live in the D' segment called, "Jody’s Fit Life." This particular segment was about healthy Michigan-made snacks. Jody described Nakee Butter by saying, “Nakee Butter is everything that peanut butter wants to be, and everything that Nutella can’t be because of all its sugar.” She highlighted Nakee’s awesome benefits as show hosts Chuck Gaidica and Tati Amare tasted. The segment was a hit and now Evan and Kate are working hard to fill all of the orders that came pouring in after the show aired on Wednesday, April 27th. Check out the video here:
4. Just this past Sunday, May 1st, Nakee was at Motown Flowdown presented by Detroit Body Garage. Along with DBG, Nakee Butter was in attendance with some other badass Detroit companies including: Be Bold Crew, Detroit Institute of Bagels, Sister Pie, Drought, Detroit Community Yoga, Drifter Coffee, and Gary Malerba Photography. The Nakee tribe was there fueling yogis with our super food, Nakee Butter.
If you missed it, don't get pissed at yourself for not being able to get your paws on some Nakee goodness.
Instead, read these words of ours so we can keep you updated on the newest of haps with Nakee. 

Much love & respect Nakee Tribe!

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