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Latest Partnerships & Collaborations

To all whom may read this, there are 3 things you should know that I am uber pumped about: 

1) Nakee, Be Bold Crew, and Detroit Body Garage have been collaborating on a sponsorship agreement, and this last Sunday (3/20/16) Nakee officially sponsored Be Bold Crews first half marathon run of the season on beautiful Grosse Ile island Michigan. 6 athletes from Be Bold Crew hit personal record times.

Grosse Ile Island


2) Nakee Butter can now be found at Parker Street Market in the east side of Detroit.  If you're not sure where that is, do yourself a favor and Waze it.  Take your special someone down there, grab some Nakee-goodness, a ginger beer, and take a stroll through Detroit's historic Indian Village neighborhood. Parker Street Market backs right up to it. This neighborhood was where many of the top level executives hung there hats back in the heyday of Detroit's booming industrial era of the early 1900's.  To say these houses are a work-of-art is an understatement to actually seeing it for yourself.  

3) A couple upcoming events that Nakee will be featured at: 

4/17/16 Bootcamp/Brunch @ Somerset Mall in the Lululemon store.  Nakee will be there in conjunction with Detroit Body Garage & Be Bold Crew giving out products, kickin' ass & takin' names. 

5/1/16 Motown Flowdown Yoga @ Detroit Yacht Club featuring Nakee Butter, Drought, Detroit Institute Of Bagels, Sister Pie, and Drifter Coffee.


That is all for now.  If you are still reading this, gratitude for actually giving a shit.  

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