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the nakee journey (part 2)

2 months before the school year was complete, I was fired for nakee & co's “not school appropriate” brand that one teacher found offensive. Who would have thought that advertising your company to a group of 17 and 18 year old kids would be against the rules?

Later, I found the teacher I substituted for frequently was the culprit.  She became offended after looking on our Instagram feed that has a few photos posted of sexually suggestive undertones.    

From what I remember hearing, it was not too surprising that she was offended.  I was told that she, "hates her life, hates her husband, is self-loathing, and only has sex with her husband on their annual anniversary date." Poor guy.   

The majority of people are too uptight and take themselves far too seriously.  It's like someone told them they are not allowed to have fun in life, otherwise they will not be a good person or something. Anyway, I have long forgiven this teacher and actually feel bad for her.  

Anyway, back to the glamours of entrepreneurship. A few weeks after losing my substitute teaching job, I soon found myself selling anything that had value on Craigslist, which included many items out of my condo that were not necessary for my survival. I also found that walking Baxter on garbage night can prove most fruitful. 'One man's junk is another man's treasure.' 

Between the random Craigslist selling and working odd jobs to pay bills, I struggled on a daily basis to keep the nakee vision alive.  This would come to be my daily reality for the next two years or so. 

part 3 continued...

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